Over the past several years, declines in populations of managed and native bees and other pollinators have been growing, as have calls for initiatives and programs designed to rebuild populations of native pollinators and enhance the pollination services that they provide; however, leadership for most of these efforts has come largely from within the pollination stakeholder community.

In an effort to obtain an agricultural perspective on the challenges and opportunities around pollinator population declines, a pollinator protection project was initiated in 2006 as a special project of the FFA Foundation. Guided by a national Steering Committee composed of agricultural and conservation leaders, the Native Pollinators in Agriculture Project examines how native pollinators can supplement the pollination services provided by managed bees, and in turn increase on-farm productivity and profitability.

In 2007, the Project developed a report that, for the first time, presented findings and recommendations developed by individuals who produce or support the production of food, feed, and fiber. Enhancing Pollination Services and Profitability: An Opportunity for U.S. Agriculture highlights the contributions of native pollinators to agriculture and outlines the actions needed to increase agricultural productivity and profitability by enhancing pollination services provided by both managed and native pollinators.